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Digital Evaluation

In the modern world where every process is experiencing a transnational shift from manual to digital, because the digital process is trusted , quick and accurate in every term. In the shift, evaluation process has come a long way since two decades.
What is Digital Evaluation?
Digital evaluation is process in which the examiner or the evaluator can access the scanned script of the manual exam or online exam and can mark and evaluate answers digitally as they do on paper. It comes with various tools, which gives the evaluator an ease of adoption as they can customize and use tools according to their needs and requirements. Security.
Digital evaluation process is highly secure as it can be evaluated multiple times by higher authorities as well, so the threat of biasness is zero. The sheets can be saved and can easily be accessed for future use like re-evaluation of answer sheets etc.
Accurate and Efficient
Human hands always carry a probability of errors but in digital process, the chances of error do not exist. Therefore, the evaluated sheets are always correct and well checked. Also, the digital process makes the data more arranged and sorted for both the evaluator and the examinee by effectively processing results and bringing the output in a well arranged format according to marks or alphabets.
Quick and Convenient
Digital evaluation process is undoubtedly quick, as the evaluator doesn’t need to rustle into huge amount of sheets and calculate marks of hundreds of students. Even preserving these sheets is a tough task. The conventional method of evaluation is a hectic and time taking process as well. Therefore, through digital evaluation system the whole process can be easily executed!